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Providing the best solution for your investment



LMG's service offerings are focused around offering comprehensive solutions to our clients. Many clients work with us from the initial project stages and benefit from our guidance during the planning stages, where we can optimize the development plan as well as offer funding solutions. Others prefer to position us as owner's rep to oversee construction and ensure smooth project completion.

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Opportunity Zone Investing

Opportunity Zone Investing uses the synergy between economically distressed communities that have been designated as Opportunity Zones and the available tax incentives. This relationship provides a means for community revitalization and investor tax advantages that are beneficial for both parties.

Municipality/ Government Advisory

LMG draws on decades of experience with public & institutional entities to understand the unique challenges they face and assist with setting priorities that lead to a successful development.

Development Financing 

Finding the right financing match for catalytic projects requires deep capital market relationships with lenders that embrace LMG’s passion for building communities.

Project Management

As real estate developers, advisors, brokers, contractors, and consultants, we put our experience and extensive resources to work. From project feasibility studies to negotiation of contracts with engineers, architects, contractors, and city governments, LMG is there for our clients as a "value added" advantage.

Public-Private Partnerships

LMG negotiates and develops contractual agreements between governments and the private sector for the development/revitalization of public infrastructure. These public private partnerships unlock value for our investors as well goverment/public institutions by making use of underutilized assets.

Large Scale Re-Development

The LMG team enjoys master development planning through public-private partnerships that allow our team and public planners to achieve consensus and agreement about the way a downtown area is developed.

Project Underwriting & Analysis

From the start of due diligence through to the closing of a transaction LMG employs an objective, appropriately conservative, and ongoing assessment of risk. Using institutional grade financial models with a multitude of sensitivity analyses the underwriting team presents a balanced and agnostic evaluation of risk with its recommendations to LMG’s investment committee.

Parking Development

LMG’s urban planning and structured parking expertise is a key reason why we are often able to make projects work where other developers have failed. We see parking as a key economic development tool, serving as the foundation for growth that can be the catalyst that fulfills a city’s goals.

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