Trenton Mill Lofts

Gastonia, NC

Project Highlights

  • Located at 612 West Main Avenue in the heart of Gastonia's Franklin Urban Sports and Entertainment (FUSE) District, the Trenton Mill Lofts will serve the rising number of North Carolinians who choose to live in smaller cities like Gastonia. These cities are considered a vital corridor for commuters to the Charlotte metropolitan area. Built in 1897, the historic Trenton Mill was Gastonia's second textile factory and the oldest still standing. Scheduled for completion by early 2022, the new Trenton Mill Lofts will comprise 82,000-square-feet with 85 residential units and surface parking. LMG Group is the proud developer of this historic preservation, adaptive reuse project. "Trenton Mill Lofts represents a growing trend in the revitalization of downtown areas across the state of North Carolina" said Michael Kaufman, CEO of Kaufman Lynn Construction. "We are creating a future for grand historic buildings by repurposing them to meet the needs of twenty-first century residents."

  • Trenton Mill Lofts will be the first residential offering in the Gastonia FUSE district and will set the standard and vibe for this upcoming community.

  • Status: Stabilized/ Asset Management

  • Location: Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Value: $24,000,000

  • Units: 85

  • Project Partner: Foss + Co, City of Gastonia

Kannapolis City Center

Kannapolis, NC

Project Highlights

  • This historic downtown mill area has been transformed into mixed-use retail and entertainment areas. Located directly across from this block of retail is the newly constructed Kannapolis baseball field. Kent Gregory, VIDA co-developer with Peter Flotz, commented on the project by saying, "In addition to the expansion of the Old Armor Beer Company we will be announcing plans this summer to bring entertainment options to the lower level of the old buildings on West Avenue". Many new retail tenants have recently opened and many are under build out now.

  • Status: Stabilized 

  • Location: Kannapolis, NC

  • Value: $15,400,000

  • Units: 35 Retail Spaces

  • Area: 63,000 sqft

  • Project Partner: City of Kannapolis

Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, NH

Project Highlights

  • LMG was proud to work with the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) for the opening of its new Campus Operations building and adjacent parking garage. LMG built a new 600,000 sqft parking garage to service the newly renovated Campus Operations and Online Program offices. To blend with surrounding historic and modern buildings, the parking garage was clad with a traditional brick masonry façade and contemporary vertical glass elements on the corners. LMG also worked with SNHU for the purchase of the mill building to be used for Campus Operations. After the building was purchased, SNHU invested in significant renovations to prepare the building for their use.

  • Status: In Use

  • Location: Manchester, NH

  • Value: $55,000,000

  • Area: 800,000 sqft -200,000 sqft Office/ 600,000 sqft Garage

  • Project Partner: Southern New Hampshire University